Seven Good Reasons To Talk To Us About TM

  • Clearer Thinking.

At the end of each TM session you are refreshed, relaxed and revitalised, ready to take on the challenges of life. Published research shows that TM brings increased intelligence, improved memory, improved concentration and learning ability.

  • More Energy.

Vital energy flows more freely through a nervous system that is less stressed. You become sharper, brighter and livelier with faster reactions and get a lot more done each day with less apparent effort.

  • Better Health.

Release of stress also allows the body to function normally. Research shows improvements in all areas of health including normalisation of high blood pressure, relief from insomnia and reduction in high cholesterol. A major health study showed that people practicing TM for 5 years or more need medical services 50% less than the average person. (70% less for over 40’s).

  • Improved Relationships.

The inner harmony that develops from TM practice manifests itself in more cordial relations with those around you including family, friends and co-workers.

  • Greater Creativity.

Research on brainwave activity shows that TM enlivens total brain function and this includes your ability to employ more innovative thinking and artistic processes.

  • Reduced Anxiety.

A meta-analysis (study of all known research) has found that TM is more than twice as effective as any other method in reducing trait anxiety, a measure of chronic stress. Other research shows a marked decrease in negative personality characteristics such as hostility, fear and irritability, as well as a reduction in the use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs of all kinds.

  • Inner Happiness.

Whatever you do, the ultimate purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. TM practice develops a profound level of wellbeing that steadily grows with time and allows you to enjoy the rest of your life. As you develop your inner potential you find that life is bliss!