Enlightened Education

Stress-Free Schools

 There are an increasing number of schools worldwide where the teachers and students are happy and motivated, there is a notable absence of bullying, truancy, drug abuse and other anti-social behaviour. At the same time there is a marked increase in academic, cultural and sporting achievements by the students … along with a decrease in staff turnover.

The secret to this apparent miracle is Consciousness-Based Education, a system which uses the Transcendental Meditation technique during 10-15 minute periods of ‘quiet time’ at the start and end of each school day. To see video reports from such schools visit:  www.stressfreeschools.org.nz

This programme is non-sectarian, and is easily integrated into any public or private school curriculum. When implemented fully within a school, not only do the individual teachers and students flourish; the entire school atmosphere becomes harmonious, happy, safe, and conducive to learning.

                             ‘Quiet time’ at the start of the day in a classroom in Brazil. 

The Brazilian government has mandated the introduction of TM in all public schools.

Benefits for students include:

    • increased intelligence
    • increased learning ability
    • improved academic performance
    • increased emotional stability and maturity

Benefits for teachers include:relaxed teacher

    • decreased anxiety
    • increased creativity
    • improved job satisfaction
    • improved interpersonal relationships

Hundreds of scientific research studies and educational outcomes of more than 200 Consciousness-Based Education schools throughout the world document the profound benefits of this CBE programme for students, teachers, and administrators of all cultural and educational backgrounds.

Since the 1970s this programme has been successfully implemented at the tertiary level by Maharishi University of Management, located at Fairfield, Iowa, USA. This fully-accredited university also offers on-line courses to people anywhere in the world – please visit their website: www.mum.edu for details on these courses.